James Carville and Mary Matalin to keynote
2015 AFC National Policy Summit: The Fight for Educational Choice


AFC is pleased to announce James Carville and Mary Matalin as keynote speakers during the 2015 National Policy Summit May 18-19 in New Orleans, Louisiana!

As residents of Louisiana, Carville and Matalin have seen firsthand the power of educational choice in New Orleans. The husband-wife duo will discuss the importance of choice and challenging the status quo to generate the best outcomes for students.

Register for the 2015 National Policy Summit today to secure your ringside seat at the summit and to hear from this dynamic duo. Click here for more info!

Who we are

The AFC National Policy Summit is an annual conference bringing together policymakers, advocates, and leading business and media figures to celebrate school choice successes and discuss future challenges. It is the nation’s premiere event on educational choice and its central role in education reform around the country.

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